Get Discounts, Have Fun, and Get Paid? 

If I am being honest, when I joined Beautycounter as a consultant it was for the discount! I had no intention of doing this as a business.

Well, almost 7 years later, this side hussle has been such a HUGE  BLESSING in my life. I have met incredible humans that I do important work alongside. Lots of these peeps have become like family to me.

The income (I also had no intention of making) is also such a gift.

All I ask you is to have an open mind as you read through this information. 

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Money, Money, Money...

There are 3 ways you can make $ with Beautycounter. 

1.  On your personal sales from your clients and Band of Beauty members. You can make 25-35% on every purchase someone makes from your website. If you choose to never build a Beautycounter team, you could still make a significant income!

2.  When you decide to expand the reach of our Beautycounter message by building a team.  You can make an additional 7-10% back on your downline's purchases. 

3.  When your team grows. If you even choose to grow a team. You make extra percentages when your team members make it to Director and above. 

I will be happy to go over the compensation plan with you & help you strategize how you want to leverage this partnership! 

Be a part of asking the beauty industry to do better by representing a company that is modeling unparalleled safety standards, using cutting-edge research, and creating high-performing products. Beautycounter is leading the way. Help us clean up the beauty industry while educating our communities at the same time. Our mission is to get clean beauty into the hands of EVERYONE! 

For JUST $50 you get all the Beautycounter Consultant Perks...

  • Beautiful Personalized Website
  • 25% off products all the time
  • Deeper discounts on New "Launching" Products & HOLIDAY BUNDLES
  • Ability to make 25-35% back on customer purchases
  • Top Notch Leadership/Product Training through Counter University
  • You can be a part of radically¬†changing the Beauty Industry
  • Never worry about monthly minimums or Auto-ships
  • Experience Tremendous Personal Growth
  • Make friends you never knew you needed
  • And more I am sure I'm forgetting!
Our team is full of women and men who have a wide range of talents and backgrounds. I have a Iong history in direct sales. However, I would say the majority of them have never done direct sales. If you want to sit on the sidelines and do a little here and there- great. If you want to take off like a rocket ship- I'm here to help you launch.   Everyone helps each other. It's really a fun, supportive bunch!
Try it for 6 months and if it's not for you, walk away with awesome products you got discounted! 


A $150 ORDER (which could be a Starter Set or could be whatever you want to order)... 

What is the DOWNFALL?

Here's the Skinny...
Beautycounter does require you to sell and/or purchase approximately $750 in products in 6 months. Some may say the downfall is the 750 qualifying volume (approx. $750) minimum. I know the 6 month minimum may sound hard to some of you, it is NOT. Your personal purchases DO count towards this number. Plus, if you are sharing this with others, you can meet it pretty easily.
I'm here to help and I want to see you succeed!
BUT worse case scenerio, if you don't meet your quota of $750 in 6 months (which you totally will), you are still coming out on top! You have gotten 25% off of your favorite products for 6 months! Once you are a compressed consultant you would be bumped down to a Band of Beauty member, which still has perks. 
I don't consider ANY of these things downfalls! So in my opinion, the honest answer to the above question is "There are no downfalls." 
It sounds this business could be a great fit for you! Please consider the impact you could make as an ambassador of our brand.