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What Do I Get?

So here is a quick skinny of the differences in the Countertime Regimen and the Countertime Collection. Basically, the Regimen does give you a smaller amount of the Day Cream and the Night Cream. The Regimen does NOT include the eye cream. The Collection is the whole line FULL SIZE. This is also the quick video that will show you how to use it as well. Super simple to use but be prepared to fall in love once you try it! 


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Introducing The Countertime Regimen

$267  Includes all of the Countertime products in the previous steps (just not the Countertime Eye Cream).  The Countertime Antioxidant Cream and the Countertime Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream are slightly smaller than their normal sizes. 

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Introducing The Countertime Collection

$387  This Collection includes ALL of the Countertime products (yes, the Countertime Eye Cream too!). These products are ALL full size. This is the best deal for sure. As purchased seperately, these products would be $424.00. 

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If you are confused about which items to purchase or whether Countertime is the best skin regimen for your skin type, do not hestitate to contact me. I am here to help! 

Cheers to Safer! 



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