I read EVERYDAY. I am an avid learner. I want to grow to be the best version of me, so... reading helps fine tune me. While I do read lots of leadership material, I also read lots in the natural medicine realm. Years ago God put a Naturopath in my path that radically changed my life!  I will have a forever love of natural medicine and herbs thanks to Donna. While my natural medicine business that was birthed in 1999 isn't my full time gig anymore, I still love that I can add value to others with all I have learned over the years. For years, I used THE HERB BLURB to continue an ongoing relationship with my clients. THE HERB BLURB is a monthly newsletter that will not only give you product recommendations but some content, and a little bit of herb trivia too. I believe that your health is one of your greatest assets. I now get the privilege of encouraging people to live intentional lives so they can leave their legacy for tomorrow. In order to do that, I know that taking intentional steps towards the best version of you is easier when you are well physically. So let me encourage you to remember that while you grow in other areas.  Remember knowledge is power. 


Welcome Friends! 

I am a lover of all things people and I am one of your biggest fans! 

I know, you might not even know me really, other than through this content. But I already know some things about you! You are special and uniquely wired. You were created to share your gifts and talents with the world.  There is a spark inside of you that no one else has. Maybe some people have similar qualities but NO ONE has your spark.  You may or may not know right now what you have to offer the world, but I promise you my friend, you have something magnificent!

I am North Carolina raised and I just have that NC sweetness in my bone marrow. I know that there is good in EVERYONE- yes, everyone... Even that guy on death row. How do I know that? Well, because God doesn't create junk. We may choose to wreck our lives, but deep down there is a goodness in all of us if we tap into it.  I have a passion for helping others create their best life! I help people take intentional steps in their life- whether it be relational, professional, health related, or personal- so they can leave behind the legacy they were created for.  If you would like to know more about what I can do to help you- call me! Until then Follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Check out my website. You can also catch my 2 minute videos every Tuesday for a little more encouragement. 

Until Next Time...

Live Life & Love Well,



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