Chlorophyll Hack

Mar 13, 2023

Chlorophyll- it is the green matter in plants. NOT to be confused with toxic chloroform. Chlorophyll is life giving. Through a chemical process called photosynthesis, chlorophyll has the ability to harness the sun's energy to perform various life-promoting functions. It utilizes minerals from the soil to use the sun's energy to make vitamins, fats, proteins, and starches. 

Chlorophyll has so many benefits and honestly is the #1 most recommended product throughout my client base. I have found few clients who do not benefit tremendously.

So what does it do?

  • promotes the natural blood-cleansing functions of the body
  • promotes healthy cells
  • neutralizes body odor
  • promotes the elimination of toxins from the body
  • fights infection- use as a gargle when fighting illness
  • promotes a strong immune response
  • helps alkalize your body
  • may reduce pain caused by inflammation
  • may improve blood sugar issues
  • increases milk production when nursing
  • feeds heart tissues
  • can revitalize the vascular system in the legs
  • benefits inflamed tonsils
  • may soothe painful hemorrhoids and piles
  • and lots more

Honestly, it is one of nature's best kept secrets in my opinion. I have tried several liquid chlorophylls on the market. I continually go back to Nature's Sunshine. The taste and the quality are the best I have found on the market. Nature's Sunshine harvests chlorophyll from the Alfalfa plant- whose roots go up to 60 feet below the ground! I commonly give my A blood types Alfalfa as a multi-vitamin because of it's high mineral content. 

Chlorophyll can be messy and stain countertops, so be aware. Since Nature's Sunshine has changed ownership- they have changed the top to the chlorophyll. It is tricky to use just a small drop or portion with the top they currently have. Praying that changes soon- we have certainly complained.

I have added a pump to my bottle so I can just pump it out straight from the fridge. I have had clients move a portion of their liquid into another bottle to make it easier to dispense. I even had someone use the cap from a hot sauce bottle because it had a small hole on the top which makes the chlorophyll easier to dispense. If you can not find a solution, contact me. I hopefully will have pumps to give you soon! 

You can also take it in pill form. The pill has Magnesium left in it but the liquid doesn't due to the extraction process. I find both to be super helpful but if you are someone who would rather take a pill, then do it! 

Read more about Chlorophyll HERE.

PURCHASE Chlorophyll HERE. I ONLY recommend getting the Liquid Chlorophyll ES from Nature's Sunshine. As usual, contact me at any time with any questions. 

Live Life, Love Well, 


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