Happy Mother's Day

May 12, 2019

Just another Mother's Day note- not really- this blog is filled with extreme gratitude that I get to bear the title of "Mom". While I do know that as many of us get the "Mom" title, I know that Happy Mother's Day wishes potentially fall flat on women who don't get the pleasure of being a mom for whatever reason. I have walked alongside of friends who have been longed for the desire to become a mom, yet month after month (some miscarriage after miscarriage) they are disappointed. I don't begin to know why God allows some women to become mothers and others not. It just doesn't seem fair does it? As we walk through this day, could you stop and just say a quick prayer for those women across the globe who are viewing this day as a stark reminder that they are NOT moms? Please join me in praying for those women who are hurting today please.

While mothering is incredibly hard and NOT for sissies- I am still grateful that I get the opportunity. However, the hurt others experience is real. There could be lots of reasons today is hard for some women...

  • Maybe their own inability to have children 
  • Perhaps it is an unfulfilled relationship with their own mother 
  • Maybe unpleasant/abusive memories of how they were parented by their mother 
  • Or the fact that they lost their mom too soon

No matter the source, for any of you ladies in this group that have any of these experiences- I am so sorry. May the Lord's grace wash over you today. 

*I have found myself in the stage of life now (sooner than anticipated) of mothering my own mother. She moved in with us at the beginning of the year after a long few months of health complications. This Mother's Day seems a little sereal for me as I am doing the mothering thing full circle now. It is an honor to be able to serve her the way she has served me her whole life. 

Remember you have GREAT INFLUENCE over others, especially children. Even though you may not have children, you still have incredible impact in those children around you. WHAT YOU ARE DOING EVERYDAY MATTERS! YOU MATTER!  Please continue doing the valuable things you do every day in the lives of your littles, your friend's littles, or just those around you. YOU have the opportunity to shape and mold them here on earth. 

While being a mom and a stepmom has been one of the greatest opportunites I have had, I think most of us will agree mothering is NOT something you can do alone. Thanks to all of you moms & friends who have poured into my own children over the years.

Enjoy your day whatever memories it may hold. 

Blessings Until Next Time...

Live Life, Love Well, 


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