Why Do We Need to Worry about Mica?

Jan 10, 2024

Disrupting the Beauty Industry

Hey there, friends! After seven amazing years with Beautycounter, I've made a commitment to voice loud and clear why we should all be paying close attention to the beauty industry right now.

Today, let's dive into one of the unsung heroes behind that dazzling shimmer in your cosmetics – Mica. It adds a touch of magic to your highlighter, eyeshadow, and maybe even your lip gloss. But, let me tell you, the story behind its sourcing isn't always as magical.

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know I am always talking about how Beautycounter is disrupting the beauty industry. Well, buckle up, friends, because this blog post is undeniable proof of that.

"When we set out to make clean, high-performing products, sourcing safer ingredients was at the forefront of our mind," says Beautycounter. Over the years, they've developed a responsible sourcing program addressing high-risk ingredients like vanilla, palm oil, and today's star – Mica.

Let's Chat Mica...

Mica, the mineral responsible for the mesmerizing shimmer in our makeup products, has a hidden side. While it does an excellent job delivering that enchanting glow, did you know it's long been associated with ethical concerns, like child labor? Beautycounter's commitment to transparency and responsibility led them to dive into the heart of the Mica industry, a journey so compelling they had to share. They expose the unethical practices of mining Mica through this powerful, MUST SEE documentary.

Watch the documentary here: Beautycounter Mica Documentary

This documentary not only raises awareness but also showcases Beautycounter's dedication to transforming their supply chain. Responsible sourcing went to a whole 'nother level by personally auditing 100 percent of their Mica suppliers. It's not just about delivering a beautiful glow in our products. While we all want the sparkle, at the core, we want the process behind mining it to align with our ethical and sustainable standards.

Going Beyond Beautycounter's Impact...

Sadly, the issues surrounding Mica aren't unique to the beauty industry. This mineral is pervasive in our daily lives, found in various products beyond cosmetics. From car paint to electronics, the demand for Mica is widespread, making it crucial to address responsible sourcing across industries. 

By highlighting the challenges and strides in the Mica industry, Beautycounter sets a precedent for responsible sourcing that extends beyond their products. It's a call for AWARENESS. 

Join the Movement...

We have the power to drive change in this industry but we don’t do it by sitting on the sidelines and acting like nothing is happening. By supporting brands like Beautycounter that are committed to responsible sourcing, we become advocates for a more ethical and sustainable future.  

So, next time you reach for that shimmering eyeshadow palette, remember – there's more to the glow than meets the eye. Have you considered the source of the ingredients in the products you are using? Is it a testament to the beauty of responsible sourcing? Or do you need to do some digging to find out.  

I always encourage my clients to question the origins of the ingredients in their favorite products. You are your BEST detective and your BEST advocate. Want to take some intentional steps towards safer products but have no idea where to start, use me as a resource. Schedule a 15 minute discovery call HERE to see how I can help.

Cheers to a shimmering, responsibly sourced sparkle! 

Live Life, Love Well


Full disclosure- I had NO idea all of the junk that was in our personal care products, much less how they were sourced. And quite frankly, I never really cared- UNTIL it affected my health.  I am here to share what I am learning so your health doesn’t unknowingly suffer. I will always be grateful to Beautycounter for opening my eyes to the deep issues that go well beyond a product’s performance.  

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