Heart Change with Giving

Sep 30, 2022

I am learning that GIVING is just so good for the heart...

I started this thing a few years ago with flowers. It started when one of my BFF’s passed away suddenly from a Pulmonary Embolism. Anne used to bring me flowers, like a lot. She would even just leave them in random recycled jars & put them on my doorstep. 

Now it has become such a fun thing for me. It reminds me of the joy it brought to me when she would do it randomly. I call it my “Random Acts of Kindness Days”. Days when I gather with friends to just make up a bunch of small jarred flowers and randomly gift them. It helps me so much. I started collecting all of the glass jars I use around the house- salsa, herb jars, iced tea, jelly jars, etc. I also have friends who save their jars, clean them and bring them to me. We always have plenty of jars. 

Here's the skinny...

1.       I LOVE flowers and arranging them.  

2.       I LOVE sharing in the joy when we are all gathering making them up. No prior knowledge of flowers or arranging necessary. 

3.       I LOVE watching the shock on someone’s face in a parking lot (or wherever) when you randomly gift them flowers.  

4.       I LOVE how it makes me realize how fortunate I am that I can still get around well and do things for others.  

5.       I LOVE that it just fills my heart with so much joy knowing that I have done something nice for someone else.  

How it works… I let friends know when I am doing a “Random Acts of Kindness” Day. We gather and all bring bundles of flowers. These can be flowers from anywhere- your garden, your neighbor’s yard (with their permission of course), grocery store, or just a $5 bundle from Trader Joes. I typically do not buy the ones done in bouquets. I just buy a bunch of the same flowers sometimes- just different colors- ones that I can also use as fillers. We combine all the flowers on a table and trim them. We pick different ones to go in the recycled jars we have been collecting.

Here’s are some pictures of our last gathering. 


Are you interested in being a part of the ones we do in Va Beach? Please let me know and I will be happy to include you. It will bring so much joy to your heart! You may not participate if you are not willing to randomly gift the flowers- kind of defeats the purpose. LOL.  

Why don't you do a Random Act of Kindness Day in your neck of the woods? Email me if you need suggestions.

Cheers to doing your OWN random acts of kindness! 

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