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Props You Must Have

I am making a list of all of MY must haves. The more events you do, you will have your own list of essentials...But for now- Get Started with Mine. 

  • Tables- Will depend on the space you have. I use a 6 foot tables. For a 10 by 10 space, I use 2- 6 ft Tables, and 1 or 2- 4 Foot Tables.
  • Tablecloths- I have used all types. My favorite are the stretchy fitted types. 
  • Crates or Boxes- I always have something to create varied heights on my table. I bought tan crates that were from Walmart and I painted them white. I am a nut about what my crates look and feel like so I usually get them in person. But I just ordered these Mini ones today. So I will let you know. 
  • Fabric- Spread on the tables to spice them up. I will have that on my webinar to show you. I just go to JoAnn's and get pieces cut. I do NOT measure, it stresses me out. I usually use navy tableclothes with hot pink fabric and burlap- but I do change it up with specific holiday themed fabric sometimes. But Navy and hot pink is my usual. Check out pictures.  
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