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Here is a list of some of my favorite companies. 

Have you ever wanted a big sister to just go before you researching, testing, and spending her hard-earned money to find the best products so you could just save some time and money?

Well, meet your newest big sister - I'm Dana and I cannot wait to share some of my favorites with you!



The top 3 things to avoid in your products.

Including the history and keywords to make safer choices today!


While Nature's Sunshine saved my life with their herbal supplements, I feel like Beautycounter has saved my life too. Sounds dramatic I know but seriously, all of this time I thought I was doing a pretty good job of choosing safer personal care products for me and my family. Only, slowly but surely, I found out that some of the products I was using that I thought were safe were loaded with toxicity- mainly "fragrance". I have been using Beautycounter for well over 7 years now. I am amazed at their level of commitment to fighting in DC for safer laws in the "personal care/beauty" industry. All the while, Beautycounter has unbelievably HIGH performing products VOID all of the toxic chemicals harmful to our bodies. You will NOT be disappointed with our products, you will, however, be disgusted when you learn all the crap that is in everyday products! Make the switch to safer now. Your body will thank you! 

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Nature's Sunshine

I have been using Nature's Sunshine products for at least 23 years. Their products SAVED MY LIFE after my son was born and we had MAJOR health issues. My 2 favorite products that God used to heal my body were liquid Chlorophyll, and Bifidophilus (good bacteria). Of course, there were a HOST of other herbs that helped also but these are still my 2 favorites. There are very few herbal companies that I trust but NSP is top on my list. If you would like to discuss what herbs may be right for you, please do not hesitate to reach out. I am a trained herbalist and would be happy to help! 

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Branch Basics

There are so many toxic chemicals pushed on us commercially for laundry. This is what first got me excited when I learned of Branch Basics. Now, most of our cleaning products in our home come from this company. I love their oxygen boost instead of chemical laundry whitener. Their laundry concentrate is great and you hardly use any of it when doing laundry! We use their dryer balls and all of their cleaning products. I highly suggest starting with a starter pack- best value for sure.

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Force of Nature

When it comes to cleaning - I want what’s easy, safe, and multi-purpose. So when I came across the Force of Nature cleaning system, I was so happy to not only see all the research and data but to experience how it actually works so well. I hate using Clorox wipes and with all the crazy illnesses abound, I have been confident that I am actually doing better and safer just by using this cleaning system. I have also tried several of their other products and have not been disappointed.

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Abby's Better

Welcome to the land of NUT Butters. The first time I had Abby's Better Nut Butter- I seriously could not believe how awesome it was. I have struggled with my food allergies to find clean nut butters that are free of junk- aka sugar! I haven't met a butter that Abby makes that I don't love. My most recent fav is Strawberry Cashew Butter. It is a whole 'nother level of good. And best of all, you are supporting a YOUNG entrepreneur. She started her company at the age of 15. YOU GO GIRL. Now you GO and buy some! You will profusely thank me! 

Read more about her in this FORBES article.

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Sun & Swell

I was introduced to this company when I got their fudge brownie bites in a Swag Bag from Beautycounter when I earned a trip to Scottsdale. I will never forget being by the pool and opening the brownie bites. They were so good! I researched the company and loved everything about them. Clean ingredients, no processed crap. They are a B Corp. I order from them frequently. I use them as on the go snacks. So now when I want something quick, I head to the pantry for their nutrient packed snacks. 

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Amy Myers MD

I fell in love with one of Dr. Myer's formulas when I was having significant tummy issues. Leaky Gut Revive is my favorite fiber/gut repairing formula! It really does heal and repair the gut while providing your body the nutrients it needs. 

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I started using Norwex when I met Stacy at a trade show. I LOVE their cleaning products. Most are infused with silver so they are antibacterial and you do not need to use cleaner with most of them. I LOVE the Spirisponge and the Envirosponge. I use the Optic Scarf to clean my sunglasses and their Pet to Dry towels make me happy! I have their mop system as well. Norwex just makes cleaning so much more fun (if there is such a thing)!

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I have used several different oil companies and while each person who represents each company would most likely tell you their brand is better- I choose the best oils from each company that I like. I mainly use Nature's Sunshine for Essential Oils as I have been impressed with their quality. But every once in a while I venture out and use other companies. DoTERRA is one of them. Great CLEAN oils, responsibly sourced, effective, and cost-effective. I love that they have a customer loyalty program that makes it easy to refer others. Let me know if you want any direction or want to order. I can refer you. Allison is my go to girl. I LOVE supporting her small business. She knows so much about oils and even hosts regular classes for those of you who want to learn more!  

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Yoo Clean

I met the owner of this company, Mary about 2 years ago. She has an incredible story and is passionate about reducing her and your chemical load when it comes to cleaning your home! What sold me to be a lifelong customer is her Multi-Purpose Cleaner. I use it on my surfaces at home and it works so well. I love it best on my wood furniture when dusting and on my hardwood floors. It gives such a beautiful sheen to wood! Great for other surfaces too. Her other products are great as well but the multi-purpose cleaner has me hooked for sure. Let's face it, I could make every one of my cleaning products- I just DON'T want to. When you support this small business, rest assured you are supporting a FAMILY! Her daughter helps a ton with deliveries in our area. Beware...once you try her stuff, it will be hard not to continue! 

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Primally Pure

I came across this company when I was looking for a natural deodorant. Lemongrass deodorant became my jam. I still alternate their deodorant with Beautycounter's Clean Deo. They ALSO have the BEST chapstick EVER! I am obsessed with the Creamsicle flavor.  This company is my go-to whenever I need baby gifts as they have a wonderful baby line. They have great body oils and bath soaks too. 

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Fontana Candle Co.

Many of you have heard about how opposed I am to artificial fragrance. I refuse to support candle companies that use fragrance oils. Besides the fact that fragrance oils instantly make me sick, and undisclosed fragrance is just yucky & unhealthy. Many "natural" candle companies say they use pure essential oils but they ALSO use fragrance oils. I want to support companies that have FULL ingredient disclosure.

I do believe if you are used to strong scented candles- the healthier version is NOT the same. To be honest, most candles made with pure essential oils are not as strong smelling. I will say they have a Honeysuckle candle that I absolutely LOVE! The fragrance is delightful and is stronger than most. 

Fontana is a family owned business that makes a great candle. They care about their ingredients, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Read all about them HERE


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Blue Dragonfly Farm

Support local businesses you guys! I love that Kristin and her husband run this business from their farm. Their goats...can we just say ADORABLE!? I use their unscented goat milk soaps and I especially love the sinus bombs for the shower in the winter months. Everything they do is fresh and made by them. Their products make the BEST gifts. 

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I LOVE A GOOD BATH! I finally found this company that has stopped my search for safer bathing ingredients. Their mission is to create the best in class bath products that restore, relax, and rejuvenate. Bathorium is creating a clean beauty and wellness movement highlighting the power harnessed within naturally derived raw ingredients.  They choose to only use essential oils, botanicals and natural distillates in all of their products.  Sourcing globally and ethically since 2014.


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Scout & Cellar

Clean Crafted Wine. For a wine to be considered Clean-Crafted™, it goes through 2 rounds of independent lab testing to guarantee that it's free of yucky stuff like synthetic pesticides and chemical additives and has fewer than 100ppm of total sulfites.

This is the ONLY company that I use when it comes to any type of alcohol. I have a stupid autoimmune issue and I react to EVERYTHING that other alcohols bring. With Scout & Cellar wines, I know 100% that I am getting the best- pesticide-free, chemical-free, no added sugar-free with all the perks of supporting sustainable farming! Never a headache or ill effect after drinking their wine. I have had lots of clients who report the same thing! They even have non alcoholic wine!So what are you waiting for? Give Scout and Cellar a try!

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Dr. Brite

Dr. Brite is a health and wellness brand that produces safe and effective solutions for the entire family and for generations to come. Their products are free of toxic chemicals, inflammatory agents, and hormone disruptors. I love their brightening toothpaste and ALL of their hand sanitizers! They are also a B Corp.

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Natural Life

I am a hippy at heart! I love this company. I love all of their sayings. I have one of their towels that helps me motivate others just from using it at the bay. Also have their seat covers for my car. I have some of their jewelry and their clothing. So far, their products have held up.  I am a little obsessed. The founder does a lot of good for other foundsations and for the planet. 

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Forefront Health

I don't remember how I found this company but I LOVE them. They do a great job educating people on thyroid issues. Their mission is "to advance the education of thyroid health, formulate simple solutions, and empower a lifesyle that restores thyroid health and a life without limitations". I am a HUGE fan of their Molecular Progesterone Gel. It has healped so much with my Mast Cell Disorder since there have been studies that show a link with low progesterone and histamine reactions. Hop on this website, at the very least, to just educate yourself. You won't regret it. 


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Tech Wellness

August Brice started this company with a mission. I was first introduced to her company by a friend who told me about wired air phones. I have been obsessed with her education, gadgets, and tips every since that day over 5 years ago. Do some research through her sight to replace some things in your life to reduce your EMF exposure. 

"There is no need to feel overwhelmed and confused about EMF, cybersecurity and how much screentime is really okay for you and your family.

No fear, just facts and easy solutions for living well with tech.

If you're like me and a clean, green , toxin free lifestyle is important to you, then we're aligned. 

There's organic in my fridge, natural cleaners under the sink and beautiful organic lotions, essential oils, makeup and sunscreen on my skin.

Embracing the concept of being mindful about the technology in my environment is just part of my healthy lifestyle and I'm so honored to be able to share my research, my experience and my solutions with you.

Our team is passionate about helping you live safer and healthier in this digital world-empowered to enjoy the tech that makes life easy, convenient and connected."

---August Brice

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I will not recommend companies that I do not use myself!

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