Not your AVERAGE Medicine Cabinet

My top 5 "Tried & True" Natural Products to Add to Your Arsenal

In this guide, my goal is to show you that some of your "go-to" items are things that can easily be switched out for a cleaner, healthier option.

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Who is Dana ?

I am just a regular gal who loves the SUN and warm weather, preferably by a beach somewhere. Mom to two handsome young men and wife to an amazing dude who is my polar opposite. I am obsessed with unsweet green tea and motivational quotes. I choose to live my life "happy" everyday, even in the moments of "hard". My heart beats to encourage others. I believe we ALL have something to wow the world with. Maybe you know what it is or maybe you don't. Either way, there's life to be lived out there, now let's get busy leaving a footprint that matters!